Charity Sponsorship
So here’s the part where you come in - the sponsorship.  I hope you agree that this is a hugely worthwhile cause, and I ask that you give generously.  If it asks if you would like to donate ‘gift-aid’, please select ‘yes’ if you are a UK taxpayer, as this means that the charity will receive the tax from your donation, at no extra cost to you.
I also would like to stress that I will never see your donation, as it is transferred directly to the charity.  
Personal Sponsorship
Due to the nature of the trip, I will be spending a large amount of money on flights, equipment and food.  I would therefore be grateful if you would consider offering financial assistance towards the cost of the trip.  I am, of course, happy to wear any badges / logos / flags for advertising, or take part in any related publicity.  I will be taking a camera & video recorder with me to document my journey, as well as local press coverage.  If you feel that you would be able to give assistance of any kind, please click here.